How to restore your Unlock Key to a new device

Keys purchased from Google Play

If you purchased BeyondPod Unlock Key from Google Play you should always be able to download it from the Google Play store as long as you are using the same Google account as you did when you made your purchase (as per Google policy). This includes your original device or any other devices you have that use the SAME Google account. 

If you are using the same Google account and the BeyondPod Unlock Key does not appear among your paid apps then unfortunately you must contact Google support. As developers we do not have access to your Google account to address sales issues nor will Google discuss user account issues with us.

Here is their troubleshooting page and how to contact them if you need further assistance. 

Google Download Issues Help

Keys purchased through PayPal

If you purchased the key from us via Paypal, you've received an e-mail with download link for the key and instructions. If you no longer have the key, simply request a new download using the link in the original e-mail.

When trying to find your original e-mail, try searching your mailbox, for PayLoadz. is the company that processes our PayPal purchases and is the place where you can request a new download link.

Once you find the original email use the  "request re-download" link to get to the PayLoadz' download page. The page will most likely say 'download expired' but there is a button/link on the page to request a new download link.