Reduce clutter by hiding "old" episodes

When you subscribe to a new feed it comes with (sometimes long) history of old episodes. When looking at "All Published" episodes of a feed, often you are only interested in the last couple of episodes as older episodes are usually already out of date. In this case it is very convenient to be able to hide all (or some) of the old episodes to reduce clutter.

You can mark any episode that you don't care anymore as "Played" (read). This can be done by tapping on the "three dot menu" and choosing "Mark Played" or long pressing the episode and choosing menu and selecting "Mark Played".

Once you have the old episodes marked as played, you can turn on "Allow Hiding of Read or Played" in BeyondPod's Settings > General Settings. This will add a new "Hide/Show Played" menu option to the feed's "All Published" screen overflow menu.

Turning the same option on, allows you to also hide feeds that don't have any "new" (unplayed) episodes in the Feed List. Use Menu > Show 'New' Feeds Only when the Feed List drawer is open.