My car radio does not show Album/Artist Information

BeyondPod by default uses the "official" Android approach to send episode metadata (artist/title etc.) to external devices - by using the Remote Control API that Android had for a while. If you are using Android 4.3 or later and artist/album does not show on your remote device, make sure that: 

1. "Enable Headset Button" is checked in BeyondPod's Player Settings (BeyondPod Settings > Player Settings > Headset Button Actions).

2. Remove any BeyondPod Lock Screen Widgets from your lock screen. 

(In order to not interfere with the Android native Lock screen player controls, adding BeyondPod's Lock Screen Widget, disables publishing of album/track information.) 

In the previous versions we used a workaround ("hack") to publish album/artist information that worked on many devices. This workaround is still available but it is now turned OFF by default (as it caused Bluetooth audio problems on some device/car stereo combinations). If you have an Android device with an older version of Android, you can try to enable it in: BeyondPod Settings > Menu (press the Menu key again) > Advanced Settings > check "Publish Current Episode".

Enabling this setting may also help some 3rd party applications (like Pebble Watch) that still rely on the same "hack" to get information about the currently playing episode.