My feed fails to load, gets a "timeout" error or shows "This Feed has no Content"

General Connectivity Issues

Often people enter the main web site url as the feed url. RSS feed address is very specific and differs based on topic, format etc, so make sure that the feed url points to an RSS/Podcast, and not a web page (on the publisher's web site, look for a link marked as "RSS Feed" or "Podcast").

It is possible that the device has trouble connecting to the Internet. Try either enabling (if not enabled) or disabling (if enabled) WiFi in case the device has Mobile or WiFi connectivity issues. Also sometimes public WiFi Access points require extra authentication or accepting a disclaimer before letting you access the Internet. Verify that there is an internet connection by opening the device's browser and navigating to a well known address (like

In some cases feed servers can get overloaded and become too slow to respond causing connection time outs (in this case BeyondPod usually reports the error as "SocketTimeoutException"). In order to keep the mobile radio on as little as possible (and thus reduce battery consumption), BeyondPod gives up waiting after about 20 sec. and moves to the next feed. You can increase the connection timeout in BeyondPod's "Advanced" Settings > Connection Timeout. Just enter a reasonable number of seconds (for example 45) in the box to set the connection timeout to 45 seconds.

For feeds that are synchronized with Feedly, this means that your Feedly login session has expired and you must re-login. Use: +Add Feed > Import Feeds > Import from Feedly > Menu > Log Out and then try to re-log in to Feedly using Import Feeds > Import from Feedly.

Feed Authentication Issues

If the feed requires some sort of user name/password to access, it is possible that the password has changed or expired. Check with your feed publisher for the new password.

Occasionally, premium (paid) feeds can still use an old feed authentication scheme where they will serve the feed only if you have previously logged in to their main web site from the same IP address (internet address). If your premium feed fails to update, try first logging-in to feed's main web site from the web browser on your phone and then update the feed in BeyondPod. (Keep in mind that sometimes it takes a couple of minutes for the web site to update their IP address records.) The best solution for those feeds is to update them over your home WiFi where the IP address remains relatively static.