My feeds update correctly, but no new episodes are being automatically downloaded

If your feeds seem to update, correctly, but BeyondPod does not automatically download new episodes, here are a couple of things that you need to check. We recommend solving this issue one feed at a time as in most cases multiple feeds are usually affected by the same issue: 

Make sure that the feed is actually a PODCAST feed (and not just an RSS NEWS feed). Some publishers may offer both and it you have to use the correct one. When added to BeyondPod, if the feed is a podcast feed, it will have "Download" button below each episode.

If you know that the feed is indeed a podcast feed but you still don't see the "Download" button under each episode, check if you may have accidentally configured the feed to ignore them. Long press on the feed and select "Edit Feed". Verify that "Feed Podcast Episodes" is NOT set to "Ignore All Episodes".

It is also possible that the feed publisher has issues with the feed and they may have not published some (or sometimes even all) of the feed episodes. In this case try to contact the publisher directly and report this as an issue.

Try to update the feed manually (Long press on the feed and select "Update Feed"). Once the update completes, look at the Feed Update Log (BeyondPod Settings > Feed Update Settings > View Update Log). It usually has sufficient information about what may have gone wrong (for example episode download link was broken, or not enough space etc.)

Verify that the feeds settings are actually set to download latest episodes automatically. Long press on the feed and select "Edit Feed". Verify that "Feed Podcast Episodes" is set to "Download latest XX episodes and keep at most YY". If the setting is set to "Manually download episodes" or "Download Episodes in Order" change it to Download Latest episodes. You can find more information about the different download options here

If "Feed Podcast Episodes" is set correctly, on the same screen check if "Feed Post Sort Order" (tap on "More Settings...") is set to "Feed Default".

Make sure that the feed is set to update on schedule. Tap on the feed to open it, switch it to show "All Published" episodes in the action bar. Expand the header and if the feed is set to update on schedule, the feed header will have the date the feed was last updated, and a date for the next scheduled update.

Make sure that you have enough free storage space on the device. If the device has multiple SD cards, make sure you are looking for the free space on the SD card/folder where podcasts are being downloaded. You can see what folder BeyondPod uses to download podcasts by going to: BeyondPod Settings > General Settings > Podcast Download Folder.