Troubleshooting External SD Card issues

We recommend to use the Internal SD card as your download location as it is universally supported across all versions of Android and various devices.

You can find more information on how to use the External SD card in How to change the location of downloaded podcasts.

Here are a some common issues accessing your External SD card from within BeyondPod:

  • If you are using Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later, and you have an External SD card, make sure that you DO NOT HAVE BeyondPod folder the root of the external SD card (for example /mnt/extSdCard or /storage/extSdCard on Samsung devices). If you have this folder, use a file manger on the device (for example ES file Explorer) to delete it remove the SD card from the device, and delete the folder by attaching the card to a PC/MAC
  • External SD cards can get corrupted. Symptoms of corrupted SD card are usually inability to write to certain folders, missing files, BeyondPod reporting insufficient space when here should be plenty of space on the card. In this case first try restarting your device as Android runs a quick SD card check/repair at boot time. If this does not work, you have to remove the SD card from the device, connect it to a PC/MAC, copy files to a folder on your hard disk, format the SD card and copy the files back.
  • External SD cards can get damaged internally, or be fake/defective (for example often 16 GB card that are "tricked" to report its size as 32GB or 64GB). Symptoms can be similar as above, or the card will work until gets filled half way then suddenly run out of space