Upgrading BeyondPod for Tablets to v4

Starting with v4, BeyondPod is a single universal application that runs equally well on both phones and tablets. If you currently have v3 tablet version, you have to un-install it if you want to upgrade to v4.

The best way to do upgrade is:

  • While still running v3, do a backup: Menu > More > Settings > Backup and Restore > Backup. You may want to use the "Share Backup" option to save the backup to DropBox or Google Drive just in case.
  • Un-install the (old) v3 tablet version.
  • Install v4.
  • Restore the backup (start BeyondPod, open the left navigation drawer, then: Settings > Backup and Restore > Restore).

IMPORTANT! If your tablet runs Android KitKat AND you have moved the episode download folder to the External SD card, all your downloaded episodes will be deleted when you un-install. If you want to keep your episodes, you have to move them back to the internal SD card BEFORE doing the steps above.