What is the difference between Lite and Full Feature (Pro) versions?

Lite version has all the features of the Pro version except:

  • You will be able to update only one feed at a time.
  • You can download only one episode at a time.
  • You can play episodes only at normal speed.
  • Chromecast support will be disabled.
  • Scheduling of automatic updates will be disabled.
  • EpisodeSync will be disabled.
  • No Ads.

When using the Lite version, you can still add feeds, update, download and play your episodes. The main limitation is that in order to get the latest episodes, you have to manually open each feed and refresh it. To refresh the feed select the feed from the Feeds (left) drawer, switch the feed to show "All Published" episodes from the Action bar drop down and use "Pull-to-Refresh" (scroll the feed to the top and then continue scrolling "past" the top) to refresh it. Once the feed is updated, use the "Download" button  to download episodes you want one at a time. (You can set Feeds to open by default in "All Published" view in: Settings > General Settings > Preferred Feed View)

To unlock the Full feature (Pro) version, you can purchase an "unlock key" - use "Go PRO" from the bottom of the Feeds (left) drawer. BeyondPod Unlock Key is a small Android application that can be purchased from the Google Play Store. Once BeyondPod detects that the Unlock Key Application is installed on the device it will automatically unlock all Pro features.

There is no need to "start" the Unlock Key Application - just make sure it is listed in the list of installed applications on the device.