Scheduled Updates Not Running
Posted by Tim P on 06 July 2011 01:18 PM

Update “disabled” usually means that an external application has cancelled the scheduled updates that BeyondPod has registered with Android Alarm Manager infrastructure (Android Alarm Manager is what actually wakes up the device at a given time to do something).

There are 2 possible situations where this could happen – If you use a task Manager to kill BeyondPod process or if you installed BeyondPod on the SD card and you un-mount the SD card – both actions cancel any future scheduled updates registered with the Alarm Manager, causing BeyondPod updates to not run.

If the scheduled updates were cancelled by an external application, you can restore them by just re-opening BeyondPod. Also, if you have installed BeyondPod on the SD card and frequently connect your phone to a PC to copy files, you probably should move the BeyondPod to the main phone memory (when BeyondPod is installed in the main memory, scheduled updates are not cancelled when the phone is connected to a PC).

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