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Update "disabled" usually means that an external application has cancelled the scheduled updates that BeyondPod has registered with Android Alarm Manager infrastructure (Android Alarm Manager is what actually wakes up the device at a given time to do s...
Check the update Log (Menu > More > View Update Log) it should have more information about what went wrong.
This is usually because BeyondPod has been moved to the SD card. Android automatically disables the widgets for any app that is installed on the SD card.
To check if BeyondPod has recognized the key: go to Menu > More > About. The text under the BeyondPod version should state: "Licensed to: Android Market" (also the "Purchase Unlock Key" should NOT appear in the menu list anymore)
Please visit Resolving Video Playback Issues [1] FAQ in BeyondPod help. Links: ------ [1]
We occasionally receive reports that some episodes are being incorrectly downloaded after being listened and deleted. The reason for this re downloads are somewhat elusive as they usually happen occasionally and only on some feeds. Here a couple of pos...
"Preparing stream", message indicates that the player is trying to access the podcast (audio) stream from either internet or local SD card folder. Usually, if the episode is already downloaded, this access is instantaneous, but if for some reason readi...
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